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Originally Posted by Cloud Sculptor View Post
Yea, basically. There was pretty much no melodrama in S1. The slow pacing and focus on the inner monologues is something I like... when they're not having retarded self-inflicted issues.
Well, it's been said before, but S1 is full of that, too. Just more in the friend realm than the love realm: Sawako saying Chizu and Ayana aren't friends, Kurumi's plan's etc. I found these episodes frustrating like hell, too.
"YOU'RE ALREADY FRIENDS YOU IDIOT!" is what I'd have screamed at Sawako if she weren't made of ink.

This is the first time we see Kazehaya and Sawako's relationship in true danger, that's the big difference. It's all been cake and cutsy with them till now - slowmotion development aside.
The problem only is: Despite everything that happened Sawako hasn't changed the way she perceives herself. Just like she wasn't able to grasp that her new friends simply like her; it's beyond her that Kazehaya could have fallen for her instead of just being nice and refreshing. Sawa isn't used to people liking her or not avoiding her for that matter.

It'd be out of character for Sawako to simply conclude "oh he likes me", instead of misunderstanding like she did.

I clapped hooray at Chizu for telling her off. Her wise moments are few, but that makes them just the more awesome. She needs to get out of this "I'm not worth anything" mentality she has developed over her ... whole lifetime .

Knowing it's perfectly reasonable how she acts didn't help my frustration, though. God, how I dreaded this episode
They like each other. He confesses. Three times.
BOTH misunderstand.
Both think they've been rejected.

WTH. While I get what the mangaka wnated to get across with this choice ... it's just so teethshattering headdesk worthy that I have to ask: Was there no other way to create drama between them?

.. I'm just looking forward to the next episode xD
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