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Kent > Kazehaya at this point for me, if only because he's not only a nice guy, but also seems to care for Sawako's feelings, to boot. On the surface, he's really laid back, but I get the impression he really does care. Kazehaya, on the other hand, is so preoccupied with himself currently that he's blind to what Sawako's feeling. Grrrrr. I can't believe Kazehaya actually thinks that Sawako would cry if she WASN'T in love with him. What a moron.
That's already borderline troll ... j/k

Kent is to some degree caring for Sawako, that's true. However even though his motives are basiacally pure he misses some valid points to be qualified a real help. It's actually him who's acting nice towards Sawako out of pity, not Kazehaya. That's why he proposed to date her even though they don't really know each other for too long. He sees her as the ugly duckling, that's why he can't imagine Kazehaya loving her to begin with. Finally, he's not even trying to really understand Sawako. From the beginning of their interactions he has just made assumptions instead of finding out about what's going on, he left too many gaps before properly solving the riddle. This ignorance is most evident in the fact that Kent is still calling her Sadako ... no, he understands her the least. He's a good guy, I give him that but he's also too conceited to see the truth.

About Kazehaya, I don't think he can be blind to something he isn't able to see in the first place right now. What in the story could've assured him that she has actually the same feelings for him? Her crying? Not really. He can assume she's crying because while she's still thankful for all he did she is also sorry to not love him back. Or is it because of his confidence with girls since he's such an idol? It doesn't exist when it comes to actual romantic feelings since, unless someone proves me otherwise, he most probably didn't have a love interest in life before so he's bound to be almost as insecure as her. Just look at how many times he was embarassed, flustered or jealous when it came to Sawako.
He is not the typical flawless and omnipotent bishounen you often see in other shoujo, he has clearly outlined weaknesses.

... ahh and sorry about the wall of text, I gotta learn to shorten my posts
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