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Originally Posted by outerelf View Post
^ Wait a minute, wait a minute...

Does that mean he's been translating as soon as he's been reading them? Wow, talk about fast...

Or is he going to finish up with the SS novel, before translating any others? (Well, that's a no given, but will he be translating other novels after, or will he skip directly to New Testament which should be out then, or will he go on to volume 17?)
Well, I told him that it'll be a part-time job as well, I'm chipping in at least one chapter too. I only asked him to help out with at least 1 chapter for this novel, seeing as how Flere821 and pikachuwei may be helping out once there are Chinese translations (which may take a month). The basic idea is that yes, he'll be translating 2 novels at once. (or one novel +one chapter)

If you're wondering, when he started off translating TAMnI, he just finished reading volume 15. Technically, that's how I've been translating as well.

@Chaos, expect at least another 5 pages in one day.
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