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Originally Posted by Slayerx
I would definatly place Sengoku and probably the admirals(atleast Ao kiji) above Mihawk
Afterall, Sengoku is the highest officer in the marines, that's alot like saying he's the "whitebeard" of the marines

Not to mention, the Schihibukai work the the world gov't, but ofcourse if one of them starts to act up, somebody has to be able to put them in there place... and if Sen Goku can't do it, then no one can

So far i can't help but think my top list goes something like... (kinda guessing on part of this list, like the other schibukai and admirals)
Ao kiji
Mihawk (or another Schibukai)
2nd admiral
schibukai (Flamingo most likely)
3rd admiral

Dragon, though we know nothing about him, would probably also make the list... he's probably gonna be a very big character later on... i'm just not sure where to put him...

and then the rest kinda just falling below... grant it though, my opinion starts to get rather iffy toawrds the end of that list

First of all the Shichibukai and the Marines including Sengoku Buddah are "equal" in power.

Once again just because they work for the world government does not mean that Sengoku Buddah is more superior. We have already seen a couple of the members act on their own accord. Mihawk said it himself, and no one gave him any rebuddle with those words.

Your list seems correct at the start with Whitebeard but it falls off after that. Aokiji is the strongest of out of the three admirals yes but you forget that two characters can defeat him Smoker and Ace!. Smoker himself should be an
Admiral if it were not for his attitiude. That means if Aokiji is defeated being the strongest admiral the other two Admirals won't stand a chance against Smoker and Ace as well.

I am also guessing that Mihawk has Seastone in his sword because the same kind of Material that Crocodile was holding Luffy and the gang with was a black metallic like substance. ( Just a guess and speculation).

Slayerx you have a good argument with Sengoku. I believe he should be high up their. I do agree with you on that matter.

My List looks like this

The rest of the Shichibukai (Jinbei, Doflamingo, Barthalomew Bear)
Three Admirals (Aokiji, Red Dog, Yellow Monkey)
Blackbeard ( Love this character)
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