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Full-Tuning was mentioned only once in the novels: SS2 Chapter 13.

“…Actually, the project that created the Misakas was split between two stages: the Radio Noise Project and the Level 6 Shift Project, says Misaka #10032 as she lets things get even more complicated within her head. Which project’s acceptance should be under consideration?”

“Well, shouldn’t that just be whichever one was first? says Misaka #10039 as she vaguely expresses her estimation.”

“Technically, the former wanted a full Level 5 and the latter wanted mass produced experimental subjects, so getting a proper definition may be difficult, says Misaka #13577 as she stealthily adds to the confusion.”

“Come to think of it, whatever happened to Full Tuning, #00000, who was created by Amai Ao and cut off from the network? says Misaka #19090 as she lays out a new piece of foreshadowing.”
Responses to my quote:

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There's no way someone can answer this kind of question on the spot in less than 4 minutes ... with a quote ...
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I picture full tuning as someone who is stronger than your mass produce clones. Prototypes tends to have lots of problems before its been launch. But usually its been pack up with lots of punch so it can be appealing and steadily stabilize so it can be mass produce.
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...'as she lays out a new piece of foreshadowing' ?

Subtle as always Kamachi.

But seriously, doesn't this sort of proves that whatever that thing that took over Last Order couldn't be Full-Tuning since she was removed from the network?
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