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Originally Posted by OverNOut View Post
How does a clone get cut off from the network. If I remember correctly the Misaka Network was form due to them having similar brainwaves frequency and their electromaster ability. So how can they remove Full Tuning from the network.

The way I see it there are a few possibilities:
  1. Full Tuning was killed.
  2. Full Tuning had her brainwaves forcefully altered until they don't match the other sisters.
  3. Full Tuning is superior to Last Order so could forcefully cut herself from the network (highly unlikely though).
  4. Full Tuning herself had a unique personality which cause her to have a brainwave frequency different from the sisters so she couldn't connect to the network (like Mikoto who also could not connect to the network)
You're forgetting something important. When the clones are born, they are not connected to the network, it's until after Testament is used on them that they become able to do so. This is the reason Mikoto can't connect to it, it has nothing to do with her personality.

Dunno exactly how Testament accomplishes it, it might be something different than altering the brainwaves, but my guess would be that a clone could be removed from the network using it again to partially or fully reverse the adjustment.
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