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Originally Posted by Hagoshod View Post
"One person said they thought it was good, therefore you must be wrong when you say it's bad."

That's the argument you're making right now.
The hypocrisy in this is so amusing - because isn't that what your entire argument also boils down to?

"Hagoshod says he thinks it wad bad, therefore everyone must be wrong when they say it's good."

No need to thank me. You might wanna do something about the log in your own eye before going after specks of dust in other peoples' eyes.

I'm a LITTLE concerned over Master ordering the assassination hit on Yui, but that's just because the first two episodes trained me to empathize with Yui and associate her as the main heroine of the story.
And you don't think that's significant? As I've said before, without the prologue, it's much harder to be sympathetic to Yui, or to understand her position and where she's coming from.

But from what I've seen, this is essentially a major stumbling block for you. You obviously feel very strongly sbout it. That's fine. That's your right. Likewise, we don't feel as strongly about this as you.

In no way does that make your opinion gospel, no matter how much you insist on ramming your opinions down on others, as though your opinion were fact.

You have the right to your opinion, and we have the right to disagree with you, and your blatant misrepresentation of your own opinion as fact.
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