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Originally Posted by Hagoshod View Post
"One person said they thought it was good, therefore you must be wrong when you say it's bad."

That's the argument you're making right now.
You claimed the idea that newcomers needed the introduction to the setting the first two episodes provided wasn't "even remotely valid." By quoting a newcomer who felt the episodes provided a good introduction that he would have been lost without, I proved that the idea was indeed valid.

I may have gotten a touch carried away saying that indicates that the writer and director were doing a good job, but even that's technically true.

And again, this is all due to the first two episodes of the anime being completely out of place as the introduction to the TE story. If the beginning of the series had simply spent its time setting up that we were watching a show about test pilots doing testing things on a test base and built up its own villains from there, I wouldn't have anything else on my mind and the whole problem would have been avoided.
I didn't find the first two episodes out of place at all. I thought they were a great introduction to the setting and to one of the main characters, and I thought it was great that they told their own story while at the same time serving the larger story of TE by providing important background information that newcomers would have been lost without.

Does this mean you need to like the first two episodes? Not in the least. But you aren't going to convince me that your disliking the episodes means that they were poorly written.
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