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I'd just note that arrogance is when one is prideful and can back it up (e.g. Yuuya, Maverick, Snake, Bob Lee Swagger, Ripple Creek mercs). Conceit is when one is prideful and can't back it up (Le Mieure, Giselle, Hagoshod).

Both terms are generally used synonymously, but there's that subtle distinction.

@AMT: You have to write about Malaysian dynasties? Seriously? My heart bleeds for you, man. Though it is kinda lol. Incidentally, one of our "major literary works", the Sejarah Melayu (Malay History), was commissioned by the Johore Sultanate as a take that to the Malacca Sultanate, which spawned the Perak and Selangor royalties, which are unrelated to the Johor Royalty of that time, who're actually descended from the Bendahara (Grand Vizier/Premier) who took over after the Sultan died.
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