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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
That's not how the Major ever was. If she wants to have a man's body she could have gotten one. Motoko is a woman, and she insists on keeping that part of her identity. Only in the film was she androgynous because the director didn't want to focus on her real personality.
I think what LeoXiao meant was not that the Major wasn't feminine, but that she did not have a dainty build. True, she was a very curvy and attractive woman. But she was also tall, broad shouldered, and had muscled enough to handle large weapons and do hand-to-hand combat with men twice her size. This new version of the Major doesn't look like she can handle all that.

Also, I don't like the grey eyes. Something about them always struck me as... I don't know. Maybe empty is the word I'm looking for. Anyways, maybe she gets an upgrade between this prequel and SAC to become the Major that most of us know and love.
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