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Originally Posted by AmericanFairy View Post
I think what LeoXiao meant was not that the Major wasn't feminine, but that she did not have a dainty build. True, she was a very curvy and attractive woman. But she was also tall, broad shouldered, and had muscled enough to handle large weapons and do hand-to-hand combat with men twice her size. This new version of the Major doesn't look like she can handle all that.
I never thought she was particularly tall or broad-shouldered? She was never dainty and delicate but she wasn't particularly masculine either. Actually, doesn't she have a pretty common body type (augmented to hell and back) so she could pass for a regular person?

Also, just so we don't forget, she's a full-body cyborg, she doesn't have real muscles and wouldn't need them anyway. Just like how Batou doesn't really need all that training he does, and only has that burly body because that's what he feels comfortable in.

That said, I'm not excited about the character designs either. They look too close to the movies' designs (I'm lazy to check - are they done by the same person?), and while I didn't mind them, I'd rather Arise not have the same Dark and Serious tone, but more like something closer to SAC or the manga. (I did like the first movie, mind you, I thought it was great.) And the Major looks just wrong, her hair is like a wig and the shade of color is just... wrong.

Originally Posted by gopackgo View Post
looks closer to the original films. I wonder if any of the anime adaptions will ever show her crazy lesbian parties that she was famous for in the manga lol
SAC did some hinting at it... (but she wasn't really "famous" for them in the manga)
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