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Originally Posted by Drkz View Post
Spoiler for Last page best page:

I wouldn't call Oga evil maybe chaotic good. Kanzaki will think its a rival school helping freshman. I picture Hilda kicking Oga's ass again for messing up.
Loving the page~ She is one epic high school MILF. I'm bias with girls w/ short hair as MILF's oppose to teenger's.

Are you enjoying the antic's of Oga x Hilda doing these silly segments of either swap w/ Beelz or Hilda gets a 1+ on the personal upgrade. Seriously it will appear again and again! Beelz gonna reach 500 chapters!!!!!

Loving the new chapter. There epic cool Hilda killing mode and here Alaindelon rape mode (pretty boy on phone)!
Spoiler for not for straight men:
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