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Whoa, whoa, whoa there.

I read those TSFiA files, this is not the case.

Valkyries, as in A-01 was disbanded. It's three survivors were inducted into the Fuji Instructional Crops, Urd and Skuld Squadrons.

In April 2003 they take part in assault on Cheorwon Hive, where they test out the F-15SEJ Gekkou and the Type-02 Shiranui Second. During the assault, Touko and Munkata run into an F-15J squadron pinned down by BETA down in the Hive; one of the pilots is Isumi's younger sisters. Said unit's callsign is "Lightning".

At the same time, Akane's outside, blasting the BETA with her Second's Mk. 57 cannon.

Read it at Muv-Luv wiki.

And Akira did not join the Fuji Unit
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