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ninraven, Ace and Smoker will defeat Aokiji. Smoker has the ability to allow his smoke to become solid or turn it into some type of gas. Also you forget that Smoker is a much more balanced fighter with Combat skills, Logia ability, and most importantly his Seastone sword gives him a huge advantage. If it were not for Smoker's Attitiude he would probably be an Admiral. I give Smoker the Advantage.

I think we all agree that Whitebeard is the Strongest. The Shichibukai and the Marines including Sengoku are on the same level.

Shanks is a swordsman himself in the past he and Mihawk were rivals when he had two arms. Shanks was considered to have some of the world's top class skills. Shanks and Mihawk are equals.

Blackbeard has the potential to become one of the strongest pirates in all of One Piece. Not only him but his group could be one of the strongest as well. Any individual who can kill some of Whitebeard's subordinates and escape only show's how powerful they are.
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