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I'm sure he can. But it seemed far more suited to the nature of his arrogance to completely ignore her attacks and let his passive defenses deal with them than to actively use his powers to attack her. If her attacks got reflected at her that's her fault. If they didn't why would he care, etc. At that point it seemed his entire purpose was to just stand there and show off that he could completely ignore whatever she did without having to do anything. If he was actually controlling his powers to to use them against her rather then just letting his passive redirection handle it... well that kind of makes him a fraud.

I wasn't suggesting he had no control over his powers (that train didn't land on MISAKA 9982 by accident, after all), but it seemed like the reflection and the rest of it worked on different levels. I'm sure he could have actively controlled the vectors of those pieces of track, but again that kind of seems to undermine his whole "effortlessly ignoring her strongest attacks" schtick.
i would say mikoto has a little more arrogance than accelerator
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