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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Do elaborate.

So yeah, the last part its why your post reminded me of Flere.

I don't think so; Oriana should be firmly in Necessarius pocket after her deal for her freedom... That and I don't like her very much so I don't want her on the good side... But even so, if it's about money, there's no way Kamijou can afford her.
And how much has to be that deal if helping to stop a coup d'tat is not enough? ...

I didn't say it has to be Touma the one paying (how can he get funds after being outside A.C. for a good time since vol. 17) when there are people who can be interested to give a hand from the shadows. And just because one can be on Touma's side it doesn't makes them good, just mind Vento vs Fiamma, all she did was for herself and was hidden the whole time waiting for the moment to attack, she never care about Elizarina's inhabitants nor the people involved in the fight.
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