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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
I wonder after how many times one still can say 'second chance', I'm sure she got a good number.
Yes but she always thought there would be another time; but the events of WWIII serve as a wake up call that she should drag things around anymore.

Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Nah, don't worry. I get your point, but are you sure Touma is willing to go back to his 'normal' life?
The NT 01 was showing how hard is for Accelerator to have a 'normal' life and then trying to switch with the dark business while looking dow on himself in comparison to Touma and now he is more involved and concious about the problems behind
If your asking if Touma would give up everything to fight the forces of evil for the rest of his teenage life I would say no, he won't throw away his other side.

But if it's a temporary thing; like until this current incident is resolve, I could see him keeping a low profile for now.

Then again, given how kamachi likes to keep things relatively the same, we mIght just see Touma back in school next vol.
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