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Sigh, why do I keep ending up in homosexual relationships where ever I go?
...I don't even know what that means. Th-There was someone before m-me...? Hubby, you baka...

[Shrugs until further explanations]

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Secondly, to answer your question on [Original Sin], it takes place after Vol15. I thought it was a stroke of brilliance on m part to let Tsuchimikado use the spas-12; that's pretty much like a superpower in itself right? Sorry about a lack of Awaki and Accelerator interaction, but I assure you I'll make it up big time...heh... Btw just to get a gauge: can you summarized what you know about the story so far? There's no point being overly mysterious if you end up only talking to yourself and nobody gets a damn hint.
Basically there's someone named John Mirra, eerily similar to Last Order as in he's a psychic who's the commander of soldiers. He and his Network of soldiers are a project of the American Tech. Dev. company White Circle, and they've basically gone berserk. GROUP is sent to help the Americans terminate Mirra, plus investigate about what the Americans have been doing with their own branch of psychic development.

Accelerator keeps getting flashbacks to his old days. Amata, Gensei and things. While he's on the mission he...starts to see dead people. Amata first then Amai telling him about cryptic stuff, Amai talking about the bullet in his brain, making him doubt his sanity and grip on it.

It becomes obvious after certain events

that there is another Academy City organisation involved in the operation, and it seems to be working against GROUP's efforts.

We then learn that Cheshire, the codename for Mirra and the project in its entirely, has on its list of head honchos our good friend Gensei. Mirra has him in his sights if we are to believe he wants everyone on the 'Mock Turtle' document dead.

There's a little girl Accelerator once knew called Alice, kind of psycho who stabs people, uses mine dolls and doesn't wear panties I guess?Anyways, she calls her doll Cheshire... Says creepy things to Accel and sees him as nice play thing. Also she's a...vegetarian? Has dyed red hair? Hm, what's the connection to the present...? I doubt she's Awaki's evil twin, but... There's a connection.

And there's something about White Box... I have no idea yet... Shit is confusing...


Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
I did do what you say and try to take a breather before rereading the story again to check for errors, but with such a long story it gets somewhat frustrating doing it over and over and over and over and over and over and one more time again. Plus don't you just get the urge to post the moment you finish a story?
Oh I get that urge, but you lose it through sheer will and over time. About correction...well I never have big complex stories that are 18000 words a chappie, so I understand you. Rereading that must be...Eeep nightmarish. That's why you got to get yourself a beta-reader or something to iron things out. Aka someone's that out of the loop.

Nyaa I wonder who could do that nyaa...

Though I'd have to set up a betaprofile, but I'll do anything for hubby
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