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Originally Posted by ipodi View Post
Spoiler for ep:

This episode was hyped up before it got aired, now I felt I had been trolled majorly. It did not foreshadow any new major conflicts ahead nor has any of the old conflicts (romance, Ohana's relationship with her mom) moved forward or been resolved. This is still a charming episode, but the hype is way overblown.
Watching the preview for episode 11 made me feel like the comment was off by one episode. Unless the preview is incredibly misleading, next week is when shit will hit the fan.

The only thing special about episode 10 is that it showed an insecure, weakened and depressed Ohana as opposed to the usual cheerful, optimistic, and energetic Ohana. That made for an interesting change of pace.

Tooru has definitely fallen head over heels for Ohana, and I can't blame him. It's almost impossible not to like such an adorable person. Futhermore, she was pretty hot (not pun intended... nah, of course it was intended) in this episode, the porridge scene was very erotic.

Jiromaru was hilarious as usual. "Oh, this 16-year-old is sick? I'd better go read her a porn novel! The main character of this novel is based on her grandmother too, I'm sure it will cheer her up to hear about her grandmother getting bukkaked!"

Nakochi was as lovely as ever and Minko, although she obviously feels jealous, was also pretty kind to Ohana. It's obvious she's grown to like her.

The shrine scenes were... weird. I was particularly creeped out by the stalker loli and the fox. It seems like Ohana has been torn between the inn and Ko for a while, and eventually chose Kissuiso over him. Huhu, Ko's gonna friendzoned!
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