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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Fair enough - didn't work for me, though. I do find this show has a tendency to manipulate coincidence and character behavior for dramatic expediency, and this felt like an example for me. Especially give last week's events where she (and everyone) was utterly indispensable.
That is a very good point, I have to admit.

Yeah, the timing of this could have been better given what you wrote there.


I did enjoy lots of the episode, though. I kept wondering why Nako was turning the TV on, and I loved the explanation. This was probably Nako's best episode for me, in fact. But I was really creeped out by Jiromaru walking into a feverish 16 year-old's room to read her his porn. I know he's supposed to be comic relief, but I don't find him funny - and that was downright disturbing.
Totally agree with you on everything here.

Some characters (like Jiromaru and the Management Consultant) are a bit overused in this anime, imo.

It's not a big deal or anything, but given we do have a large cast here, I'd rather characters with more limited range (like Jiromaru and the Management Consultant) to be used more sparingly. Characters like Jiromaru and the Management Consultant can get old very fast if you use them too much, or they could get watered down into plain "normalcy" in order to compensate for their lack of range.
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