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I have never seen a professional award ceremony (grammies, oscars, etc.) that ever awarded anything to an incomplete work.

What is the point of giving exposure to something that we don't know will be good in the end? What if we mislead people into a series that ends out turning bad and no one likes anymore (Think Another for example)? The award holds no weight. I thought people wanted to give exposure to multi cour series like Hunter x Hunter or Space Brothers, not 2 cour Fall shows like SSY and Psycho Pass. It didn't even serve the purpose people wanted it to.
1) Since when are these professional awards. These are fan awards.

2) They did serve a purpose because they tell us about a good series that started in 2012 and has not finished yet.

Although it's not always the case often shows that started one year with 2 or more cours but end in the first cour of the next year are at a disadvantage because people end up forgetting about them.

If there are stronger shows than Psycho Pass & Shin Sekai Yori in 2013 the awards next year will reflect that, if not they will win awards in 2013. I don't really see what the big deal is that there is one award given to a show that is ongoing. The very nature of the award tells us we aren't awarding it for being complete but awarding it for the fact that while it is not finished we are enjoying this show very much.

Also no one ever said the award is only for shows that have no ending in sight. If people wanted to vote for those shows, obviously they are eligible but just because people didn't does not mean this award didn't serve a purpose.
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