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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I highly doubt people did not vote because of this one award.
Indeed it isn't just one award that did. It is an aggregation of meaningless categories. There is so much bloat in our current format, which I've been preaching for the last couple years, and I think this does deter people. It is a form of "ballot fatigue" so to speak.

For example, I still see the SoL vs Drama category to be one of the silliest propped up dichotomies in these awards. It is a complete farce - SoL overlaps with drama completely.

I also hope we get rid of the Sports category (too little things to really matter and fits in drama anyways), best storyline/plot (What the heck is this even supposed to mean?), best setting (so what if it has a good setting, if the show fails to make use of it then it doesn't deserve to be praised, and I Think SAO didn't do very well on this front as is reflect in how it won nothing else).
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