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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
The SoL should just be gone because nobody can agree on what it's supposed to be.
I agree. Using the very term "slice of life" has a high chance of turning a given thread into an argument over what that actually means rather than the original topic.

Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
Well this I can agree with since the category can't be clearly defined it might not be a good one.

Although I think that might be an issue with a lot of the genre categories.
Slice of Life, insofar as it actually exists, is pretty easy to define. It's just that there's lots of people who don't agree with the definition.

Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
SoL being ill-defined is just another reason for its removal, but I haven't seen a single definition of SoL that wouldn't just fit under any contemporary notion of what the "Drama" genre is about.
Really? Under a certain definition (technically the right one ), slice of life works would all be exclusive of drama works.


If the main goal of an improved Awards thread is to increase user participation, all of this genre talk isn't going to help much. There's a couple of problems that I see as barriers to more votes. First, it's not visible enough. Not everyone comes into the General forum, and of those that do, many might not check out the awards thread. A solution may be to pin an announcement link at the top of all the forums.

Second, it's too complicated for posters casually reading the thread. It feels as if every, or at least a large number of categories need to be voted on. If a poster doesn't feel that he can contribute enough, then he may just abstain from voting altogether.

Third, the voting is too exclusive. With only five choices per category, a poster may not feel that any of them reflects his choice. If he feels this way towards a few categories, there's a decent chance of another non-vote altogether.

There's no simple fix for these last two if the current format is going to be retained. My suggestion would be to look at how other forums manage to get more inclusive results. The anime vote at Neogaf seems to be a good example of a method that manages to be both easy for casual posters to participate in, and inclusive of all shows. But I'm sure there's lots of other examples out there.
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