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Anyhow, I keep saying that these awards become a little meaningless when we have so many categories. We need to cut down on the insignificant categories [...]. If we give a shining star to everything, then nothing really stands out as special anymore.
Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Indeed it isn't just one award that did. It is an aggregation of meaningless categories. There is so much bloat in our current format, which I've been preaching for the last couple years, and I think this does deter people. It is a form of "ballot fatigue" so to speak.
Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
Third, the voting is too exclusive. With only five choices per category, a poster may not feel that any of them reflects his choice. If he feels this way towards a few categories, there's a decent chance of another non-vote altogether.
I agree with these points (well, in fact I already pointed them in my feedback, but hey it's good to know you're not alone ^^).

As the awards are for series published in a year, and there isn't THAT many each year, there is far too many categories with each far too few shows - and often the same show appearing in many categories. The opposite would be better, making awards more meaningful, voting more involving and reducing the "lobbying" effect of seeing a few shows completely dominating the entire contest.
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