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In fairness to Reckoner, I think there's a tricky balancing act that has to be performed in making the AS Choice Awards the best that they can be.

That balancing act is in duly considering interesting category ideas, but also in keeping the total number of categories down to a reasonable number.

With "Best Ongoing...", I'll openly admit that I supported that added category. I felt it was necessary to address the one major flaw to our overall approach to two cour shows that start in the Fall, while also hopefully placating those that wanted to show support for SSY, Psycho-Pass, and/or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

But at the same time, this was a concession for me, as I think you can get too many categories overall. Yes, at some point they really do start to detract from the worth of any one award. Perhaps more importantly, too many categories can eventually be a turn off to people voting (people generally don't like abstaining a lot in votes like this, and they might consider it a bit of a hassle to have to pick winners in a lot of different categories).

Of course, you can also have too few categories, where certain strengths aren't recognized and awarded as they should be.

With this in mind, I think there's a certain "sweet spot" for total number of categories. A "sweet spot" were you're recognizing all the key strengths, but not becoming bloated to the point of irrelevancy or voter intimidation. Personally, I think that sweet spot is very close to 20, and not much above it.

For this reason, I don't want OPs and EDs to have separated categories. We have enough categories as it is, and OPs and EDs have very similar appeals.
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