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I argued with one of my friends on this one, and I chose Mitsuki because in my point of view, she is the one that suffered the most on this series. Haruka faction might argue that it is Mitsuki's fault that Haruka was in a coma for 3 years, but I beg to differ, since an accident is not only time based, but on place based as well (place based meaning the place where the accident occured). I'm not saying that it was Haruka's fault either, because it is an accident.

Mitsuki took care of Takayuki the 3 years he was depressed, eventually sacrificing her dreams and her life for him. To me, that is true love (stupid, yes, but its love :P). And the one who gives true love, absolutely deserves it.

And yes, I hate Takayuki. Lol.
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