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For character designs, adult Haruka all the way! Then again, I like long hair, hehehehehe.

However, in terms of who 'deserves' Bakayuki more, I would say Mitsuki. In all honesty, I was split down the middle for the entire series, but the 'tiebreaker' for me comes down to one thing... it was Mitsuki who, in more ways than one, made a man out of Takayuki when he was wasting away.

Beauty of this anime. however, is that it was so well written that I wouldn't have minded the ending either way. Both paths had their 'clues' embedded within the series, and either ending would've been perfectly logical in my view.

@Einlancer: If let's say the situation is reversed (ie. that it was Mitsuki who got into the accident and Haruka was the one who got Takayuki out of his rot), then of course I'd lean towards Haruka. There's just something touching to me about a guy/girl getting his significant other out of a slump and/or helping them even though it means sacrificing the helper's own happiness, as both are characteristics of the type of couple that I am so biased towards. It just so happens that it was Mitsuki who did all that in KGNE, but if fate would have it that it would've been Haruka (or even Akane) instead, then it would be her then I would've rooted for.

As to what would've actually happened, then I think the ending would be pretty much the same as the original KGNE, except it's Haruka this time around. And I think because all that Takayuki's relationship with Mitsuki was that of a small crush of years past, there would've been much less anguish and torture for all three. In other words, there won't be all these drama because in this case, there's really nothing to misunderstand for Haruka nor are there past or present strong romantic feelings of Takayuki for Mitsuki.

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