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Originally Posted by Decel

Also, I'm not saying Taka felt not even an ounce of love. He did love Haruka, especially following the festival. I'm just questioning how much of it was genuine love, and how much of it was "I love Haruka because she loves me"
Once again this is TEENAGE LOVE (I know I'm a cybergeek on a messageboard but I have experienced this first hand)...Where the teens don't really know what love is they just think they are in love (Usually in my experience the girls feel this more)...So from that aspect Taka's infatuation or love was that of how a teenager feels when they recieve love from the opposite sex that cares about them...Later when a tragedy occurs you actually find out how much that other person actually means to you...So yes it is genuine love as they know it...

I know many guys in HS that would have just let Haruka wither away in that hospital...Not that they didn't care, but I doubt they would have been like Taka where every waken moment of his young life (a teenager's life) he was obsessed with what happened to her...Me personally I think I probably would have gotten over it better than he did because unlike taka i have many family members that would have intervened and helped me cope while having the understanding that I'm just a kid and despite everything I have to move on...But Taka was not as lucky and I think it's clear that while he was feeling guilt (which is SOOOOOO to be expected), he stilled loved the girl and is not only obsessing over his part in it, but also his loss...The loss of a future together that he was persuing (This is so clear in the anime because of what he does just prior to meeting Mitsuki outside)...

Taka showed me that by deciding to take those exams and follow her to college that he was moving on to the next phase of their relationship inwhich he had already come to the conclusion that he wanted or was content with being with her and progressing the relationship...That's why I often get a bit miffed at the "He was always in love with Mitsuki" claims and whatnot since he clearly wasn't about to follow Mitsuki into the next phase of her life (eventhough he did like her and NEVER really acted on it)...Also when you are talking about TEENAGE LOVE you have to throw absolutes out of the window...I know guys who are married to their HS sweethearts who were fooling around on them with other girls in HS...

So to get back to your point Decal, even if he loved Haruka just because she loved him, as a teenager, that is often all you need...And if he loved Mitsuki more with the type of intensity and hidden feelings that most Mitsuki-lovers so boldly and quickly claim then as a teenager once he had felt those feelings recipricated I have no doubt he would have acted on them...I know I would have...Other than standing up Haruka on a date inwhich he had not decided on a future with her to that point and getting mad when Mitsuki suggested they go on a date (where he had yet to get to know her an become infatuated with her) Taka didn't seem too jaded in his feelings between the 2...My GF in HS...her best friend was so hawt and I liked her and she even gave me what i considered as "vibes", but in the end nothing can like someone and even feel like you want to be with them and and still be with the GF you love (and STILL not act on it)...However I suggest you not tell your GF's the message I just passed along ...LMAO, it's a good thing I'm STEALTH right now X)...

*slaps self for yet again making a looooong post when I had intended it to be short, this forum does it to me every time*
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