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Originally Posted by Captain Roronoa Zoro View Post
idk if som1 said this but how would haki work on aokiji if he is already hard because doesnt haki just harden things so aokiji would just freeze them like he did luffy soooo idont think haki wuld work on him
That's a very wrong impression of Haki you have there.

I'll explain again. Haki very generally means an aura of intimidation or fear or domination over others.

When one is fearsome, dangerous or intimidating enough it will cause fear and intimdation in his opponent. Making his opponent perform less than he usually does. Someone like Rayleigh with a deadly reputation as first mate of Gol D Roger, is intimidating enough to even cause Kizaru to perform badly. Perhaps the act of logias transforming into their element upon contact is actually a voluntary action that must be activated precisely. And because its precise, Kizaru in his shaken state fighting Rayleigh doesn't allow him to perform such an action.

When you are in fear, your judgement and accuracy drops, you become less effective than normal. If you're even more in fear, you may even pass out from it, like those on White Beard's ship who saw Shanks and also those in the Auction who Rayleigh knocked out.

If someone is such a beast, to even make Aokiji lose his cool, he may actually get beaten up.
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