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Originally Posted by Captain Roronoa Zoro View Post
how would fear and intimidation explain how he can cut kizaru? He may be scared but do to his devil fruit he can still allow things to just go right through him unless its a mental thing of wether or not u want something to pass right through u then ur mental stability wuld become a factor but, if it just goes through u w/o u haveing to think about it then however ur feeling wouldnt matter.
If you watch just about any shounen anime and think of Haki as something akin to "killing intent" or "pressure," it makes sense in that regard.

I personally feel Haki is a manifestation of Will and Determination, to the point where you can physically awe those around you. Rayleign was able to fend off Kizaru(stil love calling him "Borsalino") because he had the greater Will.

Still, it does make One Piece a bit of a conformist to all these other "power-up" shounen titles, but maybe Oda will astound us with something out of left field. He's never failed us before...

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