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Y'know, back in the chapter 518 thread, I said I wasn't too certain about Rokushiki being a series of Haki techniques, but after rereading Enies Lobby, I am actually rather curious about one particular attack.... Lucci's Roku Ougan.

According to Lucci, it's a technique that only those who've completely mastered Rokushiki can learn. Also note that the attack seemed to affect Luffy internally (he says it felt like being hit with an Impact Dial, but much stronger... which would mean it felt like being hit with a Reject Dial). So maybe Roku Ougan is a technique that takes full advantage of a person's Haki (or in Lucci's case, Sakki)? Also note that more recently, we're introduced to Sentoumaru, who also uses some sort of martial arts that actually caused Luffy physical harm (and he even goes as far as to say that he wasn't a DF user). So maybe this means that the strongest forms of martial arts used in this series use Haki to strike opponents internally, which I'd think would be much more damaging than causing harm to the flesh alone.....
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