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so haki seems to have following effects (correct me if im wrong):

-able to knock out people or at least to disturb ones consciousness determined by strength
-able to neutralize devil fruits powers to some point
-able to strengthen ones attacks
-gives you the ability to read the minds of others (similar to enel)

what i find so interesting about haki is that it explains all the strength differences between the characters which were left unclear in the past... assuming all major strong characters have mastered haki to some degree
for example it would explain why mihawk was so much stronger than zorro when they first met. he enhanced his swordstrikes with haki to the point where he was easily able to cut don kriegs giant ship in half and was able to foresee zorros attacks while they fought.
or when dragon met smoker: even thought smoker was a logia type devil fruit user, which was at that time thought to make him invulnerable and very strong, smoker didnt raise a finger against dragon and did as he commanded. when i first saw this i found it really weird, but with haki dragon would have kicked smokers ass and the whole thing makes finally sense
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