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Haki and the breath

hello people am new here... but all the same as u have seen in the chapter 519 haki is manifestation of will power and rage.. when luffy was angry about the fact that the sisters were gonna break margaret.. [plus am pretty sure he was mighty angry for all the shit happening with the women worshipping hancock] he let out his anger/spirit/haki which completely affected the weaklings in the crowd. i think they called it the "haoushoku haki" aka "the king's disposition" which just tells us how wonderful the D blood truly is!

i dont know if zoro's "breath of all things" is "haki" but i do know its the key to defeating logia users! imagine if someone with luffy's physical strength attains the breath of all things. he can "hear" the ability!! for example zoro heard the breath of steel and cut it! now imagine luffy hearing the breath of icE! he can kick aokiji's ass! its similar to how reyliegh cut kizaru's face with his blade... the pirate king with no fruit ability stood apart from the rest of them! its only possible if he could attack the logia users and i believe its by hearing the breath of all things....
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