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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
The mods banned 'shipping threads a couple of years ago. This is a thread to DISCUSS the character Ami and her part in the story. Heck, I love Ami, I love all the characters -- its how they interact with each other that makes the storyline so interesting. Subtract one character and you lose much of the dynamic.
Completely agree here. I hate to keep bringing up H&C, but I remember the episodes where Morita and later Takemoto disappeared. Everybody was doing their own thing, which was still good, but it just didn't feel as enjoyable when everyone was there. To me, it's the same with Toradora. It's like all the main cast contribute a little spice of their personality into this big pot of stew to make the story seem very delicious. Even if it's missing a spice, the stew still tastes good, just not AS good as if it had all the spices.

Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
And please, all those After Stories specials... they tend to cheapen everything that made the originals special. I'd rather not have that here, as well, even if the conclusion is not totally to my liking. I mean, this series is not only about who gets to be with who, is it?
True. stormi said it best; it's all about the journey, not the destination. Still, unless the relationships were totally obvious in terms of pairing(say like Lamune or Tonagura) it'd be one thing. But if various interactions cause a specific outcome, a slight deviation of the same circumstances could cause a totally different outcome. I mean, it's not far-fetched that if Ami met Ryuuji first, the current situation would be different. Hypothetically speaking, I really don't think Ryuuji making a different decision, like going out with Ami over Taiga would lessen the impact that Ryuuji going out of Taiga would have made, esp since it would have already made an impact on you in the first place. The only problem would be that a pairing is now implied, meaning the viewer KNOWS who is going to end up together, possibly making the scenerio itself less entertaining.

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