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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
You... kinda lost me, there.
Uh, sorry, there was a bit of inconsistency in what i was trying to say. I'm basically saying that the "After Story" specials shouldn't make an impact on the original story, since when the original story ran, you already get an impression from it. The "After Story" comes after that impression. Now, you might not find as much enjoyment because you know the outcome(obviously if it's called "Tomoyo After" it's gonna be Tomoyo).

The other thing I was saying was that other pairing possibilities aren't impossible in this kind of show. The chars are woven together in such a way that if certain minor circumstances were different, it could greatly affect the outcome. Example: In ep 9, when Ami asked to go to the beach. If Minorin didn't ask him to help wash the dishes, the whole Minori/Ryuuji talk would have been avoided. With Ami and Ryuuji being alone, she could have said something akin to what she said in ep 10, w/o the distractions. This could mean +pts for Ami/Ryuuji and 0pts for Minorin/Ryuuji rather than +pts for Ryuuji/Minori and -pts for Ryuuji/Ami. I feel that the "After Story"s capitalize on this fact and I enjoy a slightly different perspective of the same circumstances. I guess some ppl see it as a 'cop out' or something >.>.

Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
All other characters like Ami, Taiga etc. have already established themselves as characters... But I cannot say the same towards Kitamura in all honesty.
Pfft, is Kitamura even a best friend to Ryuuji? I've never seen Kitamura do anything with Ryuuji at all. I even question his "I'm going on the trip too because Ryuuji is my best friend" . He probably just wants to get next to Taiga or some other alterior motive, but I'll leave all the other stuff I want to say out of the Ami thread.

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