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What a nice party we're having here.

I also adore Ami, she's a great character (Though her big superiority complex really isn't showing anymore, she's just rather arrogant now)

Ami x Ryuuji isn't realistic at all, anime wise, we all know he's hiking off with Taiga.

Ami is showing some good character developtment now, which is a plus. I think it's funny how the way she teases Ryuuji, giving him the thumbs up to go then flatly exposing her prank. But I find that she in reality is waiting for the thumbs up for Ryuuji, which of course she's never going to get. They're very compatible as seen in ep 9 and 10 and atleast Ryuuji is very open with how he finds her attractive, not in a perverted way either, though his mind does wander.

Wouldn't an Ami After story be nice?

Credit To Risa-chan!
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