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physics223, don't ask for JC Staff to surprise you...Or they will... and you won't be happy... like the ZnT second season ending...was a total surprise since noone thought that the ZnT best selling volume would be completely skipped juts to give you a totally rushed, crap ending...

Or the Kimikiss surprise.. Definately was surprise that the animation of one of the best selling games turned into one of the worst selling animes of that season... All Due to JC Staff being original and surprising...

So I'd say that though I wish for Ami/Ryuuji too, it's better not to play with fire (JC Staff) and to hope that they will do what they are supposed to.

Kaisos Erranon, it never was Kawashima Ami Appreciation topic...It is a discussion topic, meaning both positive and negative opinions regarding this character... Too bad that it becomes less and less her actual character related.
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