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I seem to remember the protagonist being one of the most hated amongst the eroge fandom (on Wikipedia, no less), 3rd to the protagonists of KimiNozo and School Days--is that because choosing anyone other than Morikawa Yuki in the game will result in a bad ending or something?
I'm not sure how an ending would affect one's perception of a character. I think the best bet might be to consider why many people criticize Makoto Itou or Takayuki Narumi (particularly with regard to their romantic relationships and how they affect those around them).

I recently took a gander at the new designs for the remake of the game and I can't say I like Kawata Hisashi's new designs for Morikawa Yuki and Rina Ogata. Now they look too much like Sasara from To Heart 2. Do you think you could tell me who drew the originals?
It seems that Hisashi Kawata drew the original designs too. As relentlessflame says, few illustrations from the 90s would go well with current tastes (i.e. back then, I really liked the art for Tokimeki Memorial and Sentimental Graffiti, but now I'm wondering what the heck I'd been smoking).

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