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when Otonashi was talking with Kanade, i was like, "awwww, she's so cute." then when i saw her being slowly torn down, i felt genuinely sorry for her. especially what Yuri said in the end, "she's turned to her favorite comfort food." even though there's no ship, i now support Tenshi. this one honestly stirred my emotions, despite being something so minor. i can't wait to see what else is in store for the series. at best, since i don't really like Yuri, she remains in purgatory, while everyone, including Kanade, moves on. at worst, they do the standard plot where everyone is happy at the end.

the new song was meh. but the new pres is interesting. if he keeps them locked up in detention, maybe they'll see what was so good about Kanade, and reveal what they did to get her back.

the jet chair was hilarious. especially because they played the ed with it. can't wait for that one to be released.
Aria is the best series EVER. Rewatch Origination with me.

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