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While i didn't find the first part of the episode nearly as amusing as many here apparently did (Don't get me wrong, it was still entertaining and kept a smirk on my face, but never actually got me to laugh), the second part offered something that this show definitely needed imo - the signs of a continuous plot string the show can latch on and follow up on afterwards, as thus far it has lacked an importan element for me - a real reason to care for any of the characters, which stand-alone episodes that include a lot of other stuff can only do so much to provide, something i hope a prolonged issue is going to amend

Tenshi having a human side to her shouldn't be anything unexpected to anyone, but with SSS (or more specifically Yuri) having found enough brain to consider the full implication of this at the end of the episode, this could lead to a number of interesting things, and it shouldn't be surprising to see what Otonashi suggested become reality at some point, probably sooner than later, with Otonashi himself being the obvious bridge between the two groups. Where the story would steer afterwards the two camps joining forces i don't dare to predict for now, but regardless, the immediate events to follow should be pretty interesting, with the new council president in no mood for jokes. Personally, i look towards having Yuri experience some of her own medicine, and finally face some actual consequences for their actions, something i have deemed as "wrong" ever since the show started. Regardless, the plot-ball has seemingly started to roll, and i am itching to see what the next episode brings
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