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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
PS: Btw, where do the SSS members sleep? It seems like the concept of resting, eating, earning cash for coin machines does not cross their mind much (it will be insane to carry Tornado Mission 3 times a day)
Well even with the size of the SSS operation tornado seems to get them enough tickets for a few weeks I'd say since the student population is larger than they are.

Was a great episode for development of the cast showed a good on Yuri, Otanashi, and of course Tenshi whom I couldn't help but feel bad for.

Yui did a great job on the new song, I really liked it, though need full version to decide if I like it more than Crow Song.

Also really loved comedy of Yuri's rocket seat, especially the second surprise owning of Hinata with him getting stuck in the ceiling . Three Hinata/Ozakazi reference was amusing too.

So episode overall 10/10 this episode.
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