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I managed to get all the images here. I ran into the image protection the site has that Runty mentioned, though oddly enough, closing the pop-up after my first two attempts, the protection window didn't come up anymore as I continued clicking on the images, and going "save as."

It's a pain in the ass though, that whenever you right click, it goes back to the previous page before it. It essentially doubled the time it would normally take, considering I right clicked every single image... Bah, whatever.

Here is a download link for the second chapter of the VC Manga, pending translation. For right now, this is only a megaupload download, for anyone who wishes for it. Otherwise, I'm afraid that a Rapidshare upload will have to wait Cloner, because the site apparently keeps timing out on me due to the file's size... Anyway, the link will be available to you for download later on, though not too long. In the meantime...


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