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Before I get to this weeks episode
Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
Yeah the Wolverine/Storm fight was great. When the action went side view for one entire cut, it looked like a Marvel vs Capcom fight with assist attacks. Pretty sweet.
I re-watched the fight again, and lo and behold, there was an entire part that looked like it was seriously out of a game lol Yeah I guess that the staff was really having fun with this anime Really glad to see that even with an outsourced episode, you can get little things like this.

Unfortunately, can't really say the same with this episode ...
Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
|This episode is not outsourced.
I don't know, if I didn't read/look at the credits, and you said that one of these two episodes was outsourced and the other wasn't, I'd think that it was this episode :/

The only good looking parts in the episode (animation-wise) was the Wolverine bit, from him bursting out of his shirt to stopping from filleting Beast (and even then, I question the whole X-Cut bit, since the preceptive didn't look right at from that camera angel ) but it was still not as good as the past episodes and other Wolverine fights in this anime, since Neuron is such a poor match up to him.

Neuron's power is so ill suited for any elaborate fight scenes, that the moment Logan went berserk, it was over. So it was nice looking, but not up to par with Episode 4, 7 and 10 fights.

Other than that, Armour gets a chance to shine as well ... too bad they didn't spare some higher quality animation to go with it :/ I mean yeah, it was good enough, but the fight ends with a still frame (however short it is) of her punching Liquid-man in the face in the classic Shonen-esque shot of the lead landing the finishing blow on the bad guy. and compare it with the Wolverine bit ...

I did like Scott's illusion bit at the very start, with the rest of the team being crucified on those X-Crosses. It reminded me very much of comic book covers, which is a nice touch.
Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
Hmmm, I watched the episode again in HD, and I found I liked it a lot more. The pace was good, and I suppose the animation is a lot more enjoyable in higher quality. Or maybe I just wasn't in the mood to enjoy it properly yesterday.
I think that the reason you didn't like it much has to do more with the writing being weaker in this episode than any other. It was at times very Marvel Anime-ish.

And yes, the writing was my biggest problem with this episode, or to be more exact, Yui's stupidity.

FlareKnight, orion and Lumir already covered the majority of the points, so I will try and not repeat the same thing over again. I will say that I get that Yui was apparently trying to do the best thing for her son, and that she went through a lot and sacrificed her morals and believes for her flesh and blood, and that is in some way admirable about her.

Too bad she didn't need to do any of that.

It's really astonishing how idiotic the thought process is here ''Oh no, my son has awakened as an Omega-Class mutant in an incident that which made him afraid of his own power and might eventually consume him.'' So instead of contacting his father, who by the way has made it the goal of his entire life to help Mutants like Takeo, his own son (who also after learning about him, decided to travel by himself to Japan almost immediately to see him, knowing nothing at all about what was going on there, other than Yui was hiding it from him, so had she told him earlier, he wouldn't have any reason to not go there and help his own son) she decides to close down the mutant institution and try and handle it herself, which I interrupt in that she was so butthurt that Charles had left her to help Mutants, so she didn't want any of help (a very pity and idiotic reason, since asking Xavier to help his son, a Mutant in need, doesn't mean they needed to get back together) not to mention that she wasn't thinking of her sons best interest by asking the person who had the most expertises in this case, and is a Mutant as well with a similar base for his power). But after a while, she decides that getting help from the shady organization who deal in human trafficking and mutant organ harvesting is still better than asking help from her ex-lover, the father of her son, the man who made it his life mission to save Mutants and has dealt and trained Omega-Class mutants before.

I will say that I liked Scott coming to terms with Jean's death at last, despite us already knowing that he would do just that at this point, alas the rest of the writing in the episode couldn't have been as nice as that moment.
Originally Posted by Lumir View Post
Anyways this version of Legion had it much easier then the legion he is based on. Check out what the original legion suffered compared to this version at the wiki.
After reading around a bit, I think he is a bit of a mixture between Legion origins with Proteus, but without of any of their complexities. Guess we need to see what sort of person he is next episode ...
Originally Posted by Lumir View Post
Oh man I think ive gone off and rambled on to long...
Well, what Yui did was a seriously stupid thing to do, and really upsetting since she didn't need to make things escalate to this point at all. So you aren't wrong in feeling frustrated at all about it.
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