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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
I think Flit is just resentful towards Asem because he didn't join Flit in his holy crusade and went to do something entirely different.
Say what you want with Flit but after the Ambat operation he has done things the legal way. Even when he caught the Prime Minister as a collaborator he had proof and worked in the system. Flit despite being a military man still found time as a family man.

Assem abandoned his family an went the extra-legal route to achieve the same objective of saving Earth Sphere. Flit was supreme commander yet even he did not know about the EXA-DB. Factions within the military never trusted him and viewed his Age system as a path to disaster. As the past wars were likely Lensman arms race that led to advanced weapons being Techno Taboo. (The Third anime reference)

EXA-DB's asteroid somewhat explain Flit and Woolf's encounter with the cloaked Vegan mothership.

They were looking for EXA-DB.
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