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I believe this will go down as least plausible Gundam series ever.I wonder if there is a Japanese version of the Golden Raspberry awards,if so this show should be a shoe in.

Not only did the Federation confiscate all telescopes,radios,and anything else that could receive Electromagnetic waves for 200 years so that no one noticed a thriving society on Mars.But they also caused a regression in technology that will allow the equivalent of wooden hull steam ships with cannons to overwhelm the modern USA.

But you say they banned all weapon research so that is why they are helpless against 200 year old tech.To which I have two answers.

1 They did not stop building weapons as shown by all the MS and battleships flying around.And there was a private shop that could turn out new weapons and suits in days that at least had a fighting chance against old tech based suits.So someone was still doing weapon design

2 It is imposable to stop weapon research without stopping all other tech advance as well.Even if the modern USA was completely unarmed it could turn out steel hulled diesel powered boats in days that if nothing else could just ram the wooden ships. While being virtually invulnerable to anything the old ships could do to them.
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