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Great suggestions above. Berserk is a classic, Rainbow is very good drama (some would say too melodramatic, but manly tears are beautiful) and Baccano! is great action.

First of all, the obvious: Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail (OVA series).

As for gems... Well. I'm going to suggest some of my more unconventional favourites:

Kuuchuu Buranko: A trippy (I mean, really) comedy about a therapist and his patients.

Serial Experiments Lain: A psychological sci-fi/cyberpunk drama. Some say very weird (and some even say pretentious [I love this new buzz word, lol]) but I say it's wonderful. It's very famous; you must've heard about it. Couldn't find it on your dropped list, though.

Texhnolyze: A psychological cyberpunk drama. It's dark and bleak. And I mean it. Dark (and deep for that matter) is a word often overused these days.

You gave Ergo Proxy and Neon Genesis Evangelion (why haven't you listed the End of Evangelion movie anywhere?) a 9, so Lain/Tex shouldn't be too far from your comfort zone.

And finally, Shigurui: Very similar to Texhnolyze. It's an atmospheric, brutal and mature samurai drama. No holds barred action wise. It also looks very good on Blu-ray.

The above shows are all very mature and unconventional. I recommend them because they are my favourites and they really made me appreciate animation as a medium with, essentially, limitless possibilities.

edit: Do tell if you've tried some of the above and not liked them, so we can move those to the dustbin of anime.
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