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Originally Posted by mikejacobs View Post
Thanks Kitten, I have decided I will watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Chiyaha and Phantom.

I actually watched onizuka about 7 times and read the manga about 5 times or so, probably more. I watched 6 eps of Madoka until I just gave up, just ran out of will to watch it (it wasn't bad, just me suffering from anime burn-out).

Read pretty much the whole kami (God only knows) manga, tried watching anime but the main characters voice just drove me off.

Tried watching Aria, oh dear, wanted to shoot myself after first episode, I'm just not patient with these types of anime anymore.

Tried watching Death Note a few times but didn't click with me.

But thanks for the recommendations though, I wouldn't mind more recco's.
As I said Aria is a very calming show so it is not for everyone especially if you are into fast paced show full of bangs
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