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Originally Posted by zarqu View Post
Great suggestions above. Berserk is a classic, Rainbow is very good drama (some would say too melodramatic, but manly tears are beautiful) and Baccano! is great action.

First of all, the obvious: Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail (OVA series).

As for gems... Well. I'm going to suggest some of my more unconventional favourites:

Kuuchuu Buranko: A trippy (I mean, really) comedy about a therapist and his patients.

Serial Experiments Lain: A psychological sci-fi/cyberpunk drama. Some say very weird (and some even say pretentious [I love this new buzz word, lol]) but I say it's wonderful. It's very famous; you must've heard about it. Couldn't find it on your dropped list, though.

Texhnolyze: A psychological cyberpunk drama. It's dark and bleak. And I mean it. Dark (and deep for that matter) is a word often overused these days.

You gave Ergo Proxy and Neon Genesis Evangelion (why haven't you listed the End of Evangelion movie anywhere?) a 9, so Lain/Tex shouldn't be too far from your comfort zone.

And finally, Shigurui: Very similar to Texhnolyze. It's an atmospheric, brutal and mature samurai drama. No holds barred action wise. It also looks very good on Blu-ray.

The above shows are all very mature and unconventional. I recommend them because they are my favourites and they really made me appreciate animation as a medium with, essentially, limitless possibilities.

edit: Do tell if you've tried some of the above and not liked them, so we can move those to the dustbin of anime.
STarted watching Kuchuu Buranko, how the hell did you find this? I'm loving it but I'm starting to think whether LSD is a pre-requisite to fully enjoy it. Will try Texhnolyze. Tried to watch Serial Experiment Lain a few times, I enjoyed it but somehow I never get the will to watch next episode, probably because it feels like I missed 10 episodes when I do start a new one.
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