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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
Somehow this is a topic I've been waiting for, though. Despite that I only played around with investigating Layfon's so-called "harem" just to poke some fun and laugh at it, not to support any sides of his "harem"...

However, if Missing Mail's omake were to be believed, then I guess we might already have a clue on who the members of his so-called "harem" are.

Although at this time there's little we could learn even with the information from all the manga (the ones I've read is only the main manga and also the Missing Mail side story) and anime combined together, we'll need for those in knowledge of the novels...

... especially when the total number of episodes bound to be aired for Regios won't let us have enough of it, and we are already reaching half of the season.
Don't worry it still too early for the anime to be reaching half of the season. The anime is about 24 episodes so it's still in the beginning stages.
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