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Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post
Dude you think Nina would let other guys slept on her boobs in ep 5 just like that? Yeah you get the picture.
Yeah I know that, and I agree with that. Heck I even pointed it out myself while blogging something about Layfon's harem. (My notes when I screencapped it: "Aww c'mon Nina I know you liked that.")

But then again the way she takes social interactions when it comes to Layfon seems so casual I can't tell much...

Or maybe there's even a pointer I missed, in which as I recall in episode 2. Remember? I just recalled that just now.

Spoiler for some parts of ep 2 recapped:

That last part of the scene I mentioned here could prove something. If a girl worrying about a guy to the extent she wants to cry (especially after what she did to him herself) could justify Nina's possible inclusion into Layfon's harem, then I guess I'll have to be content with the discoveries... for now.

EDIT: NO WAIT. I rewatched the scene again and I noticed that when she said "Not at all." she's already on the verge of tears.

... Anyway, I'm glad we're just at the beginning of the season, but then that means more possibilities to look out for; and things might change... now I'm afraid of getting my guesses wrong as the show progresses...

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